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Cords and a thread

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Waxed thread
The thread woven waxed suitable for sewing leather goods ( wallets, bags, shoes, etc.), handmade, sewing different solid materials. Also used in any other kinds of creativity at the discretion of the master!   Length: 260 meters   Thickness: about 0.8 mm   W..
320.00 р.
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Needle saddlery №1
The needle has a blunt tip of the harness. Needle length 48mm and thickness 1,3mm. Needle perfect sewing thread waxed 0.8mm-1mm. With this needle, you can sew saddlery handbags, wallets, shoes, etc. ..
35.00 р.
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Needle saddlery №2
Needle for sewing leather saddlery has a blunt tip, the length of 37mm and a thickness of 1mm. The needle is ideal for sewing thread waxed 0.5mm-1mm. With this saddlery needle can sew small items, such as, for example, cases, business card, cardholders, etc. ..
25.00 р.
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A set of needles
The main types of needles provided in the core set are designed for hand sewing leather, furs, handbags, bags, carpets, stitched furniture, car seats and steering wheels. ..
90.00 р.
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